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Toy Retailers Association announces £27,000 raised for charity at DreamToys

The Toy Retailers Association and DreamToys selection committee has today announced that £27,000 was raised for charity at DreamToys 2018. The charity donation scheme will return for 2019, raising money for children’s charities across the UK by selling on toys brought to the event.

“Thanks to the generosity of our exhibitors, we raised a fantastic amount at DreamToys 2018 and we look forward to supporting children’s charities again this Christmas” commented Gary Grant, Chair of the DreamToys selection committee. “DreamToys is a magical event for the UK toy industry. It’s a real joy to spread that magic with such worthy causes.”

Charities helped in 2018 included the Mothers’ Union, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, T? Hafan children’s hospice near Cardiff, Toybox Glasgow, Cheshire’s Adventure Farm Trust and Belfast Central Mission, among many others from across the UK and Ireland.

Registration for DreamToys 2019 has also opened today. Media wishing to attend the annual event should register now via the website.

DreamToys 2019 will take place on Wednesday 13 November at St Mary’s Church in Marylebone, London. Run by the Toy Retailers Association, DreamToys is the most authoritative, independent list of the top toys for Christmas. The event is attended by hundreds of press and members of the toy industry and signals the official countdown to Christmas.

For Toy Retailers Association enquiries, contact Del Crookes at

For DreamToys enquires, contact Bastion at

Case Studies:

Denise Thew, Play Worker on Panther Ward at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London

Children stay on Panther Ward when they are having complex ear, nose and throat, plastic or urology operations. Denise said: “The toys are very popular with the patients on Panther Ward. It enriches their stay immensely, allowing the children a chance to play and have a little normality by being children rather than ‘patients’.”

Sian Spencer-Little, Play Specialist in the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London

Children come to the CRF to take part in research studies or clinical trials in the hope that new, kinder treatments and cures will be found. Sian said: “I was thrilled to receive the news that the Toy Retailers Association, through Dream Toys participants, was donating toys and resources as I had been working alongside two little boys who absolutely love one of the games and are needing to visit the hospital every week for treatment. We use the resources during the most challenging times which require the boys to find lots of courage. We talk about what the Paw Patrol would do. This helps and supports them to find playful moments and joy and acts as a supportive distraction tool so they gain courage, independence and build their self-esteem.”

Kirstine Robb, Community Pastor for Children and Families, St Mary’s Church, Marylebone

St Mary’s is committed to helping support children who might otherwise be excluded from after school clubs or other activities in their neighbourhoods. Kirstine said: “We have a number of children with special needs who come each week. Some of these children need 1:1 support and also need specific toys which are ‘theirs’ in order to make them feel safe and secure. Through your donation we have been able to buy toys for the children to enjoy, some of which are supporting children with additional needs which helps them join in.”

Liz Green, Mothers’ Union Diocese of Worcester, helping families of inmates at HMP Hewell and HMP Long Lartin

Liz said: “I am sure that you are aware how difficult it can be for families when a loved one is sent to prison. They too are the victims of the offender, suffering the pain of separation and the stigma of their association, especially when the details are published in the local press. There is also the anxiety of actually visiting the prison and so anything that we can do to alleviate the pain and stress by providing toys and activities for the children is a great help.”

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